When I started this blog I promised myself I would produce content on a regular basis and I’m still committed to doing this but I realise it’s been almost four weeks since my last article was published.

Unfortunately, between working, looking for a new job, trying to play new titles and maintaining my relationship with my girlfriend, the blog has kind of slipped behind a little. I have lots of good ideas and I’m working on a few articles at the moment that I should get out soon. I’m also keen to do a review of Mass Effect Andromeda when I’ve finally got around to finishing it.

I will say this, although the latest Mass Effect has some flaws, it is very definitely not the awful game it is being made out to be and I believe that a lot of people are focusing on the negatives because it’s easy to do. All of my friends who are currently playing the game are enjoying it and we have some very different gaming tastes so it’s not like we’re afraid of telling each other when something sucks.

I’ll go into much more detail on this at the weekend, by which time I’m hoping to have completed the main story. I’m currently about 40+ hours in and have done a good mix of main campaign and side missions just in case people are wondering.

Thanks for your patience.



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